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and this... is what i want.

I want you to hold me in your arms and tell me how you feel...
I need to hear you tell me that I'm the one you're thinking of...
That when I'm not around, I'm never off your mind...
I want to know that when we're together,
the world's complete and that nothing can ever change that.
I need to feel secure,
to know that even though I'm not the only girl you've been with,
I'm the only one you want...

When you look at her, I want to know that you think she's beautiful,
but at the end of the day, the sun still rises and sets in my eyes.
I want to know that I'm not perfect,
but that you wouldn't change anything about me.
I need to know that I'm beautiful, not hot.
I need to know that I'm the one who makes you happy...
Who makes you feel as if you just couldn't do it without me...
I want to be your best friend, "one of the guys",
and the one you hold in your arms at night...
Honestly, I'd never be happier if you'd just be real with your feelings.. When I feel like this...
I'll never doubt you or question you..
I'll never be jealous or mad.
I'll just be happy...
Happy to know that I'm yours....
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i absolutely LOVEEE this, it's amazing!
thank you
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