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Hey guys.. I'm ending my journal..Frankly I have no reason to write anymore. Because that reason already had left me.
If you have time to read, I have 116 entries.
But it'll all end at 116.
And..It wasn't as happy as any ending would be.

thank you to everyone.

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I'm Eric, Errr..I wanna share to you guys about my story but..It's too long. If you want to, You can go to my page and read what I wrote. =)

thank you.

 If you leave comments, much appreciated. =)

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Учитывая присутствующую у всех людей (в большей или меньшей степени) потребность в контролировании, можно утверждать, что компульсивные паттерны часто бывают связаны с депрессией. Любой компульсивный стереотип является попыткой победить беспокойство, страх и неуверенность народная медицина , эстетическая , медицина журналы , здравохранение реферат заболевание , грибковые заболевания , заболевания половым путем , симптомы болезни лекарственные препараты лекарственные средства признаки туберкулеза симптомы туберкулеза лечение эндометрита сахарный диабед признаки сахарного диабета сахарный диабет заболевание венерические заболевания w — и, конечно же, депрессию — путем установления повторяющихся, и даже ритуальных действий, которые призваны стать способом, позволяющим справиться с определенными аспектами жизненного опыта.
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Im Alana and only 14 with a couple of shit lyrics for you all. Here it is and im bored.. 

'Pritty In Blood'

By __fire_at_will_

Breathing though these tight vains
barely seeing though the chain
finding away to save my self
before the night awarded its self

and though the darkness
i pray, i will find this future in a pointless mind
to see the light
in search of time
from love to fake
that does belive
it isnt what it wants to seem

so, show the world you fears
show them on your wrists
to skared to face her fears, the fears that carry on [and on] ...[AND ON]

with all the love in my heart
theres nothing we can do
i can cry a million tears but theres nothing i can do
we are so far, yet i can still hear you
just thinking, theres always the end to a beginning [end to a beginning]

and though the darkness
i pray, i will find this future in a pointless mind
to see the light
in search of time
from love to fake
that does belive
it isnt what it wants to seem

so, show the world you fears
show them on your wrists
to skared to face her fears, the fears that carry on........
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one of the craziest things about love...
it's Heaven on Earth...
and that's scary
one...because Earth is not you're afraid it's going to be taken away somehow
two...because Earth's imperfections found a place in your heart...and you're not wanting to let all of them go. maybe you're too used to be lonely and life being dull...and being contained. you're too used to needing to find a place in yourself. you found it. you found a place in someone else...and the feeling's so amazing you're scared it's too good to be true.
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and this... is what i want.

I want you to hold me in your arms and tell me how you feel...
I need to hear you tell me that I'm the one you're thinking of...
That when I'm not around, I'm never off your mind...
I want to know that when we're together,
the world's complete and that nothing can ever change that.
I need to feel secure,
to know that even though I'm not the only girl you've been with,
I'm the only one you want...

When you look at her, I want to know that you think she's beautiful,
but at the end of the day, the sun still rises and sets in my eyes.
I want to know that I'm not perfect,
but that you wouldn't change anything about me.
I need to know that I'm beautiful, not hot.
I need to know that I'm the one who makes you happy...
Who makes you feel as if you just couldn't do it without me...
I want to be your best friend, "one of the guys",
and the one you hold in your arms at night...
Honestly, I'd never be happier if you'd just be real with your feelings.. When I feel like this...
I'll never doubt you or question you..
I'll never be jealous or mad.
I'll just be happy...
Happy to know that I'm yours....
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What about l o v e. . .

Delete this if it isn't allowed.

Leave me a comment about love. Tell me anything you want to about love; what it means to you, how you feel in love, what you expect out of love. Anything. If you've never been in love, tell me what you think it will be like.

Please leave your comments on my lj on this entry (at my own lj) to make it easier for me. I plan on showing these to my boyfriend so that he can understand love without my biased opinion.

If you have any questions, leave a comment here. I know that I don't explain things well, so you have every right to be confused ^_^

Thanks a lot.
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I just joined this community like 5 minutes ago and im very glad that i found it, because i need alot of advice on my situation:

theres this guy, that i care about alot, more than anyone ive ever cared about, he cheated on me once a couple of months ago and i forgave him, i went away for 1 month on vacation i come back and some people are telling me hes cheated again and others are saying its a lie, and he said he didnt do anything, but im so paranoid that hes done it again..and i dont know the truth, i love him but i dont know if ill ever be able to trust him like i used to..hes done alot of stupid things..and i dont know what to do..

Please help anyone?